College life becomes enjoyable once you decode its mysteries.

At least this is why I learn after months of struggle in my freshman years. Everything changed for the better when I started receiving pieces of advice from teachers and mentors on the kind of lifestyle I should adopt while in school. Some were serious in a funny way, which is why I have decided to share them with you. Laugh if you can, but don’t lose the lesson behind each piece of advice.


You understand how common it is for students to sleep whenever and wherever they are? Some will sleep in class during lessons, others while watching movies, and yet others while on the bus going back home. Every small space is filled with sleep. My teacher was so concerned about this that she had to sit us down. He advised us that this habit would lead to our failure as we would likely sleep even during our final examinations. Sadly, we would fail since the exams won’t be anything related to sleeping. Her idea was that we should form a habit of staying attentive I class or else we would be overwhelmed with sleep at the most unfortunate time.

Writing block

This is an excuse common among students. As long as you are a writer, you will experience writer’s block. However, some students use it as an excuse whenever they fail in exams. Perhaps it is due to pride to the extent that they can’t accept or admit failure. On one occasion, my teacher was so concerned about this that she had to sit us down. She started with a question, who has ever experienced eating block?” All of us burst into laughter. However, no hands were raised. He then proceeded to say, “Consider the process of ‘writing’ as your daily meals, and you will avoid writers’ block.†It sounded funny, but all she meant was that we could prevent writers’ block by adding it into the list of what we love. This would be enough motivation to carry us through a paper.

Pet campus dogs

School life can be so stressful that students become gloomy even during their classes. This mostly happens if the lesson is on a technical subject. The moment a single concept escapes the minds of students is the moment they say enough is enough. Some, however, become gloomy due to issues like brokenness and family struggles. Our teacher advised us to form a habit of petting campus dogs whenever we spot them. She believes that this would leave a smile onto our faces as we would forget all our struggles. She was right as most students attested to that after trying the experiment – at least the pet lovers.

Cook your own meals

Most people are lazy when it comes to cooking their own meals. We would rather buy snacks or eat out rather than going through the stress of cooking. However, my mentor advised me against it. According to him, eating out is often a form of laziness. He believed that I could be a better planner if I could simply plan my cooking schedules. He even wondered how a college student could afford to eat out daily while on a tight budget. Such students don’t plan even their savings. This made sense to me.

Hopefully, this article left you in stitches. Adopt these pieces of advice, and you will be one happy and highly motivated student. Pass the message to others if this becomes a success.