How to write bachelor’s and master’s theses when you lack time?

You may have encountered this problem. You miss the term of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, but you have a lot of other duties in addition to your studies. For example, you work alongside the school, you are a self-employed person, or you are just on maternity leave. In this case, it is no surprise if you study mainly at night, in the evenings, or turn on your watch for the morning hour.

External or individual study can be full of stress, fatigue, accumulated duties that further complicate unexpected circumstances. For example, a child, a colleague or a boss needs a weekend or overtime.

At one point, it usually helps one: take a deep breath and settle duties. If you are at the time of writing bachelor’s or master’s theses, you should remember a few tools that will make your study easier and easier to create.

You don’t have to travel to study

All you can send by mail. You do not have to spend half and not journeys to check the chapter. Communicate everything by mail and if possible do not send work to larger units. So the consultant will never forget any point, and he will have an overview of what he received from you.

Another important thing is books. What will make your work and time easier? All the necessary searches and books will be done in your local library, you don’t have to run to the “scientific” right away. In addition, books order you to city as well as to academic.

Use Google Scholar. You can also ask your professor for appropriate literature. In addition, you can gain access to the facts available on the Internet within your specialist department. For example, public administration and political science students have a website of the Ministry, the National Council, or the Constitutional Court. Students of English language or journalism can download classical works from literature through the Golden Fund. Scientists can be inspired by the materials offered by the Academic Visa.

There are various encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and articles on the Internet that you don’t have to look for in person.

Remember dates

Hardly any word is used as often as timemanagement. Open your desktop calendar, pull out your mobile and turn on reminders and tags. First dates, first important meeting, consultation and main dates.

Many externalists mistakenly believe that they do not pay for these dates when they have completed AIS or submitted their bachelor’s degree. It’s not so. Read what awaits you when. Remember that you must include exams and seminar papers in addition to bachelor and master courses.

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