Ideas on bachelor’s and master’s thesis for psychology students

Do you expect a future year of writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis? In that case, you expect many times what ideas for your thesis will be prepared by your teachers and PhD students. However, if you are looking for something original, the idea you would like to find is ideal to choose a theme of your choice. With a good song and an engaging final work, you can not only get a diploma (for example, they are also student ambitions), but also create a diploma thesis that will be a stepping stone for you in the academic world.

This time we have prepared ideas for psychology students looking for an interesting and unconventional idea. We will be pleased if our list of inspectors.

Feminism, Meetoo and the Status of Women in Society

If you are watching a bit of social events, you may have missed the fact that, in 2018, the women’s movement, Meetoo, was moving primarily to draw attention to the position of women in society. Feminism as such has become a global phenomenon. We will create new activities, associations, magazines, and we even have a feminist publishing house.

How about looking at the whole issue up close? Do research among friends, look at some sociological study or just critically evaluate the development of the movement? If you have an understanding consultant with a little insight, it can be an engaging and very topical subject.

Youtubering phenomenon

He tore the young from the teleks and put them to the computer and the mobile. Young teenagers working with an eye-catcher career, as well as housewives, who pester their children in the world, recipes and opinions on slides. Youtube phenomenon means millions of people and all people make stars.

Less is the dark side of the paradise of the vlog and haul. What makes such fame with people? How does it change society? How does he bring up young people? Are the people behind the camera really designs? Are we getting a new addiction? Despite the famous fame of the first decade, this topic is almost unexplored. It’s time to look at her closely.

Retirement homes and the status of our company

This topic is also suitable for andragogy students. Why? A number of women leave for a week in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to take care of their retirees. Instead of a retirement home, they will enjoy above-standard day care in their home environment, comfort, company and always cooked lunch.

On the contrary, “resources”, whether personal or financial, are beginning to run in our country so that they can take care of pensioners. Families themselves are not an opportunity to relate to relatives as was common.

What impact do these differences have on the quality of life of an old person? What does the state do for our retirees? And what can we do about it? You can focus on everything in your work.

Modern “Addiction”

Addiction that is not just a matter of alcoholism and drugs. Finally, today’s times, lifestyles and benefits have contributed to the emergence of new, sometimes heavily curative mental disorders than we have ever known.

Addiction to a healthy lifestyle has replaced anorexia and bulimia. Workaholism, shopping addiction, even on the Internet, computer games, social networks. Psychologists even point out that even unstable photography is itself a symptom of possible mental disorders. Take a close look at these phenomena while exploring friends, classmates, and today’s 30s. The results will be more than interesting.

The Millennium as a theme that moves society

Don’t you know who it is? The millenniums today are thirty and forty, who, as a “community”, have a huge influence between what society has looked like and what it is waiting for. The specific group has experienced a huge change. While their parents live hard work, saving and family, today’s active working generation seeks first and foremost their own goals, meaning of life and a career tailor-made.

The Millennium brought new concepts to the world: how they started to live with social networks, they talked about circulating economies, zero waste, self-esteem, and traveling from a weekly rest to lifestyle. On the other hand, there are no commitments, no excitement, no children, routines, no sacrifice, no settling, no adjustment.

A large number of studies, surveys, books have emerged on the Millennium theme. All you have to do is put in the library or the internet and search. You will have the material after rigo work.

Home Education

A theme that moves our education. A lot of parents have solved the question of where the schools are going today by taking their children home and teaching them in the living room. The way they want. Despite the fact that their state does not support and support. If you decide to accept such a topic, feel free to contact a community that you can also find on Facebook. All parents are willing to engage in expanding the idea of home schooling or bringing you closer to the way it is done at home.

It is interesting to compare countries. While home education is one of the common alternatives in the US, it is forbidden in many countries. For example, Europe tolerate thoughts but not support them. The idea of unschooling is even growing in our neighbors, which is worth the attention.

What are the home schools compared to these regular schools? What are their pluses and minuses? Do they have a future? Are we really ready for them? All topics are intended to select these topics. If you have advanced and modern-minded professors, you will definitely be interested. If there is no minimum state for a discussion that will be promoted during the presentation of the bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

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