How to Write A Case Study About Hepatitis C

If you are a medical student, then there is a high chance that you will want to write essays about certain diseases. For instance, you might want to do a hepatitis c case study for your class assignment. The best way to tackle such topics is to demonstrate your ability to conduct in-depth research about the disease. This is one of the factors that will set you apart from any other person tackling the same topic. For instance, you can reveal an unknown detrimental effects and hepatitis c and even compare it to a different disease. You can also talk about its prevalence in certain locations or age groups. Regardless, all you need to do is to provide concrete evidence to support all your claims. Interestingly, case studies happen to be the most effective way of convincing your professor to award you high scores for your impeccable understanding of a topic. However, there is more to case studies than meets the eye. Here is what you should know when considering a case:

Gaps in study – Your case should identify a gap in research and seek to uncover the truth on that. For instance, you might want to talk about policy change if no studies have been done on that. You can support your argument by talking about the negative effects of current health policies. Your idea is to give a better and clearer perspective on a case once you compile your findings. Just try hard not to choose an area that have comprehensively been researched. Otherwise, you might end up not finding anything new, which would only be a waste of your time.

Challenge current assumptions РThere are instances when researchers base their assumptions on outdated concepts. For example, some studies might have been based on traditional beliefs that have no bearing in today’s world. Your task should be to take a keen look at such assumptions and develop a better finding based on facts. Remember, what was right yesterday might be very wrong today. Studies are a way of refining past findings to make them more sensible. Go into a case study with this mentality.

Solve a problem – Your case should not only be aimed at finding enough reasons to prove everyone wrong. The idea is to find the source of a problem. For instance, you might want to determine the cause of hepatitis among older people and what can be done to shield older people from it. If it is attributed to a specific unhealthy diet, then you might want to propose a better diet for the elderly. In the end, all you want is to come up with a solution that might benefit your targeted group of people.

Avoid selfishness – It is okay to perform a writing task to pass an exam. However, this should not be the only reason for the case study. Sadly, most students will randomly pick a topic without keenly looking at it to see if there is anything new to be studied about it. As a result, they fail to develop any concrete evidence regarding a case, which means that they fail to add more value to whatever is already available.

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